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Ali Soner Inceoglu

Passionate Developer

Hey 👋 I'm Ali, a professional developer with a desire to create beautiful and useful websites and apps. I studied computer science and I'm currently working as a professional Fullstack Web Developer in Germany.


Web Design & Development for start-ups and large orgs.

Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie was primarily designed for people who want to showcase and sell their fitness products like yoga and general health courses.

I'm especially proud for the 'onMenu' animation, which is shown in the short video below. It harnesses the power and usefulness of Framer Motion's MotionValue to animate everything smoothly with as few re-renders as possible.

There are currently two implimentations of this project. One is linked below and 'feels' more like a normal website i.e. the scroll behavior is continuous. The other version is event-based i.e. the user has to click buttons to go to the next or previous pages. While this is not suitable for production for a number of reasons, I find the animations to be nicer and the user experience them like I intendet them to be experienced.


Novia is an Electron.js Desktop App for Mac and Windows. It allows users to automatically swipe on Tinder.

Worth mentioning is that all the UI elements and functionalities were written in plain TypeScript, so no modern frameworks included. It felt a bit like I'm going back in time and doing it the old way.

Glow Wine

Glow Wine was a captivating design on Dribbble that I really wanted to implement and make real.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend that kind of scroll-based transitions for a production-grade website, but it was fun to build.

Credits go to tubik.

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